Welcome to FindAFishingBuddy.com and FishingBuddyFinder.com
Welcome to FindAFishingBuddy.com and FishingBuddyFinder.com

Bait & Tackle Store Partner Program 


Bait & Tackle Store Partnership Program - Fishermen pay $48 for a 2 year membership to join FindAFishingBuddy. We pay $15 out of that to the store owner every time someone joins our site as a result of seeing this 12" x 18" sign in their store. Fishermen sign up on our site, so the store owner doesn't have to do anything!  We pay the store owner in the beginning of the month for the prior month's new memberships through PayPal. Every new member that joins our site must state EXACTLY how they heard about us in their Fishermen's Profile and this is how we track each store's. Please contact Chuck for more information through our Contact Form.


Welcome To Our Newest Bait & Tackle Shop Partners!


1.) Julian's Bait & Tackle

990 Route 36, Atlantic Highlands, NJ (732) 291-0050


2.) JCP Bait & Tackle

780 Route 36, Belford NJ (732) 780-0070


3.) Keystone Sporting Goods, Inc.

13611 Pennsylvania Avenue, Hagerstown MD (301) 733-0373


4.) SA Tactical & Outdoors

43 W. King Street, Shippensburg, PA (717) 532-6511


5.) Jake's Bait & Tackle

234 Ezra Lane, Winchester, VA (540) 723-4021


6.) Hunting Creek Outfitters

 29 N. Market Street, Frederick, MD (301) 668-4333






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